Daddy Can by: David Harley Daddy Can is a children's book celebrating the beautiful bond between children and their Fathers. Who can show you how to fly? Make you laugh? Or, be the best pillow ever? Daddy can, that's who! Add this delightful book to your collection today. $ 8.99 - BUY BOOK
Refreshing Images
Daddy Can features beautiful images of Black children, who too often are omitted from children's books.
Celebration of Love
This fun, lighthearted book spotlights those every day, loving moments that children cherish with their Daddies.
Black Fatherhood
Daddy Can is a tribute to Black Fathers. Their love, commitment, and positive influence deserves the spotlight.
the story

It started with a need

From the moment I found out my wife was pregnant, I started collecting children's books that I wanted to read to my son. After reading him story after story, I quickly realized there were very few children's books that featured Black characters that my son could identify with. That's when I decided to write and draw my own, and Daddy Can was born.

Daddy Can is a celebration of the beautiful bond between children and their Fathers. It is a refreshing depiction of Black Fatherhood that is very rarely shown in books. I am excited to get Daddy Can on the shelves of homes, libraries, daycares, and schools, so that children of color can see these positive Black images as they seek to understand their place in the world.

We're on a mission to increase the visibility of Black children and families represented in children's books all over the world. Join us!
About author
David Harley

David Harley is a proud Daddy, husband, and advertising professional. He is passionate about using his creative talent to unleash more positive Black images into the world.

Daddy Can was inspired by his son, Jackson. “I wanted him to see himself reflected in the books we read, and to know at an early age that he is unstoppable.”

"Children rarely come across books that show positive images of Black children. Even more scarce are children's books that dare to feature a Black dad as a focal point. This book is beautiful, fun, and long overdue. "
  • Tonya S.
  • Mother, New York
"It's amazing how much my daughter gravitates to this book. Even at three years old, she recognizes that this book is special. "
  • Shawn A.
  • Father, Atlanta
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